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Used Vegetable Oil Per Metric ton Corn Oil Per Metric ton Vegetable oil Per Metric ton Soyabean Oil Sunflower oil Jatropha Oil Crude palm oil RBD Palm Oil Palm Oil Cooking Oil Biodiesel Oil Crude Palm Oil Palm Stearin Organic Type : Soyabean Oil Processing Type : Crude,Refined. Cultivation Type : Common Use : Cooking Packaging : Bulk,Pet Bottles,Plastic Bottles. Place of Origin : Greece. Certification : ISO 22000 : 2005,1SSO,HACCP Volume : litres. Email : oiluniverse@consultant.com Email : oiluniverse@gmail.com SKYPE : Oiluniverse Call Line : +60102964094. God bless you as you place your order with us. We strive to serve you better.