we have a4 paper for sale 80gsm 70gsm 81gsm

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Hello We want you to know that as a new buyer we always keep our customers contact private for security reason. We really appreciate you get back to us. It is possible for you to come to us, but as a new buyer if you want to come to us. You must make your order first and make your payment to your name via WESTERN UNION, when you come down here we will load the container on your behalf, the shipment will start on your behalf, you will have the bill of landing with you and after that you will go WESTERN UNION OFFICE to collect the payment for us. We really want to make long time business with you. As we believe you will buy more than 6 container after these. The proccess is all a secure way and it is our company policy for a new buyer, when you make the payment to your name with WESTERN UNION, you will scan the slip to us and we will confirm with WESTERN UNION that it is true you make the payment and after that you will start coming to us. We really want the best for yo