upper mustang trek

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Upper Mustang trek is probably the most mysterious and least known kingdoms, preserves a life almost unaffected for centuries. It lies hidden behind the Himalayan giants of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna at the very roof of Asia on the dry Tibetan plateau. It has long been isolated from the outside world (and only opened to trekking groups since 1992!). As you make your way through this isolated land, you’ll pass brilliantly painted chortens (Buddhist shrines) and tiny villages protected by massive monasteries. Vistas include unusual and eye-catching views of the snow-covered Himalaya to the south, and barren high plateaus, deep canyons, and an ocean of exposed hills the colors of a desert sunset to the north. Once at the walled capital city of Lo Manthang, you’ll soak up a great sense of timelessness and appreciation for an primeval culture as you discover the ruins of old forts, monasteries rich in art and history, and caves replete with magnificent religious statues. Surrounded by th