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Best Hosting Provider Company 24/7 time Support Servers 500 reviews - Read user reviews of Servers 500 at ….. Hey guys, before I write down my Server500 review I need to tell you that I won’t be telling you about Servers500 features, guarantees, hosting specs etc. All that information is readily available in the official Servers500 website. In the next few lines, I’m going to describe my personal experience with them and after you’ve read mine, you can check out more Real Servers500 Reviews. I first started with Servers500 way back in 2007 when it wasn’t such a household name. I chatted with their support staff and had read good reviews about them in various forums – so I decided to choose Servers500 as my first webhost. * Its been almost 3 years and I have had only 4-5 occasions when there was downtime (that too for about 5 minutes max). * I have about 70 domains hosted with them and run various blogs, forums, and websites on these domains – Everything runs sm