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Italy is famous for its cuisine. Although Louisiana is a long ways from Italy, Nino’s Italian Restaurant seeks to bring the rich flavor of Italian food to Baton Rouge. Over the last twenty years, Nino’s has fostered its reputation as Baton Rouge’s number one source of fresh, locally-sourced Italian cuisine. At Nino’s, customers will find a wide selection of dinner entrees, including Italian classics like pizza, pasta, and marinara, as well as steaks and other types of entrees. To ensure that each meal offers an authentic Italian dining experience, Nino’s Italian Restaurant rolls its spaghetti, fettuccini, and lasagna by hand in house. Nino’s is dedicated to creating a quality Italian dining experience. Whether treating a spouse to a romantic dinner for two or taking the entire family out for a memorable meal, Nino’s Italian Restaurant seeks to delight its customers with fresh, local ingredients and a friendly atmosphere. Visit Nino’s today to discover everything the menu has to offer!