manual automatic jade thermal massager beds

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We are providing the latest Innovative design of YUGALIFE from PAINRELIEFINDIA which is a FULL BODY ROLLING MASSAGER BED & is having more advanced features as compared to Ceragem, Nuga Best, Migun or any other competitor. We are also LOOKING FOR DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS all over India. We provide FULL PRICE & SUPPORT GUARANTEE Features & Contents:- 1) User Friendly LCD color screen remote control. 2) Wider & Longer Size Internal Rollers to accomodate different type of users. 3) Internal 4 ball Jade Massage Roller for the legs & calves (Not Available in Nugabest NM 4000) 4) External 5 Ball Jade Acupressure Projector. 5) External 11 Ball foldable Jade Acupressure Projector 6) Internal Tourmium Ceramic Heating Stones on both sides. 7) Better Acupressure for fast relief 8) Safe Connectors 9) Easy Maintenance 10) Very Stylish & Elegant Looks Website http:/