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iPhone Repair in San Diego.  We specialize in Apple iDevices.  We offer services to jailbreak, unlock, flash or repair your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.   Jailbreaking allows the end user to unlock features that Apple would typically not allow on their handsets.  For example, a jailbroken iPhone could enable your handset to become a WIFI hotspot, use facetime over 3G/4G, or use XBMC to view all of your favorite tv shows and movies! Unlocking your iPhone would remove the carrier lock on your handset.  This would allow the end user to use any GSM carrier worldwide.  Unlock iPhone with ease! Does your iPhone have a cracked screen or is it not acting normally?  We have specialists that can thoroughly diagnose the problem and advise you on your best course of action to fix it properly. We take pride in every repair we do, so feel free to ask as many questions.  We are your San Diego iPhone Repair specialists. Cell phone repair San Diego is what we do best!