healthy parrots for sale

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Healthy aviary home has the best parrots in stock now.The parrots here are taken good care of by our avian vets,they make sure thorough check is being done to these lovely feathered friends.All parrots here are guaranteed on health for six months before given to new owners.Our parrots are compose of Macaws,Cockatoos,Grey parrots,Amazons ,Quakers and Eclectus.They are tamed and hand raised,have been nutured in the best way that anyone looking for a parrot will want to have them.The lovely hatched eggs for these parrots are also available with incubators too for sale.Contact us for more information. Our avialable species of parrots African Grey Congo parrot Grey Timneh Rose breasted cockatoo Black Palm cockatoo Umbrella Goffin Blue and Gold macaw Hyacinth macaw Greenwing macaw scarlet macaw Quakers,Emu's and Eclectus