gorgeous hand fed baby parrots for sale

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Healthy hand fed and home raised baby parrots ready to go now . Our birds have been professionally bred, healthy, home raised; hand fed and presently between 6 and 9 weeks and months old to 3 years . Have got perfect feathers condition, cool temperaments and have been vet checked, vaccinated and have got health certificates they will come with. We have available baby Greenwing macaws Blue and gold macaws Hyacinth macaws Blue throated macaws Moluccan cockatoos Black Palm Cockatoos Madjor Mitchell cockatoos Sulphure crested cockatoos Rose breasted cockatoos Yellow nape amazons Blue fronted amazons Double yellow sided amazons Congo African Greys Timneh African greys Pet lovers and breeders are welcome to join in our special Gift . Please contact us to get more information on pricing and our special offers at william.parrots@yahoo.com for more details.