beautiful blue gold macaw for new homes

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Beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw for New Homes, 13 years old. Her name is Cricket and she is very smart. She loves attention and she will do anything to get it. I however am never home enough to give her what she needs and plus I live in an apartment which is not a good place for her to be. I have had her for a year, she was my daughter's bird but my daughter moved out of state and couldn't take her so I did, but I can't keep her. She deserves someone who can love her and appreciate her beauty and companionship. I am asking $950.00 or B/O offer for her and her cage together. Her cage is a large dometop parrot cage, black. She would need to be re-introduced to it because right now she is in a smaller cage in my apartment. I have her cage in storage but I have attached a picture of one similar to her cage