audiometer oto – acoustic emission (oae)

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Labat Italy manufactures AUDIOMETERS, AUDITORY EVOKED POTENTIALS e.g. ABR, ASSR, OAE- Oto Acoustic Emissions, Hearing and maintenance stations, RHINOMANOMETERS and STABILOMETRY – Balance Platforms. 1:- AUDIOMETER Audiolab: AC, BC, Speech, masking & SISI, ABLB, Tone Decay, Bekesy, High Frequency, Free Field, VRA, OAH3 compatible. Audiolite: Air Conduction, Bone Conduction, Speech and Masking, Colour Display of Audiogram & print through any PC. 2:- OTO – ACOUSTIC EMISSION (OAE) ECHOLAB – Screener : OAE screener with TE OAE ECHOLAB – Clinical: Clinical OAE with TE OAE, DP OAE, S OAE UPGRADE: Upgrade to AABR 3:- AUDIOTORY EVOKED POTENTIAL SYSTEM AEP SYSTEM: ABR, LLR, MLR, P300, Electrical BERA, ECochG & VEMP, ASSR 4:- HEARING AID MAINTENANCE STATION EAR LAB: Blow Pump, Suction Pump, Ultrasound chamber, battery Test. LABAT Asia Pvt Ltd is fully equipped with a state of art calibration lab and company trained engineers to take care the after – sale – support.