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We have healthy, trained and tamed parrots ready to go to their new homes.We equally have fertile and candle tested parrot eggs for sale for those who will be interested to to breed from the hatching stage, please if interested to buy fertile eggs or parrots contact us for availabilities and pricing if you dont find interested specie from the list below; Macaws(Hyacinth,Blue and gold macaw,Scarlet macaw,green wings macaw) Cockatoos(Umbrella,sulphur crested,palm cockatoos,moluccan,rosebreasted) Amazons(Yellow Nape,Double yellow headed,Red head) Greys(Timneh Grey,African congo grey) Toco toucans. All parrots will come with all papers,some toys and a free handbook with CD guide for beginers.We equally offer free brochures for our auto regulated incubators that we sell for affordable prices to all our customers getting eggs from us to insure a successful hatch.Please,drop us an inquiry and we shall get back to you within 24 hours.Please,pictures are on request only.Thanks

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