professional ice dam removal of idaho

Household 208-261-7230 | Boise, ID, United States
We are a group of Ice Dam and Roof Snow Removal contractors affiliated with the website We are working out of a hotel listed in the address. This could change based on weather and ice forecast. We use steam to get the snow off of roofs which is the safest way to not damage the roof. We connect you with a contractors who are experienced in with working with steam ice dams and getting leaks to stop fast once they are on the job. The problem with many local contractors in the Boise area is they are mostly unfamiliar with Ice Dam removal and can end up damaging the roof by trying to beat the ice off with out the use of steam technology. Steamers are relatively a nitch tool used for almost only getting ice off of roofs do most construction companies do not have one laying around the shop. The steamers are to expensive to buy just for a couple jobs and they cannot be found in equipment rental places most often.

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