hidden speed

Education and Training 337-706-5018 | 108 Republic Ave, Lafayette, LA 70508, United States
In athletics, speed is everything. How can you tell an athlete to run at 18 mph when they can only physically run at 16 mph. Welcome to the Hidden Speed Academy. We tap into your hidden speed and make you run at the fastest speed you have ever run in your entire life. How do you know your full potential speed? At the Hidden Speed Academy, we take off 30% of your bodyweight in a secure harness and then place you on a treadmill that goes up to 31 mph. With less body weight, you are able to run at much faster speeds. This trains your nerves and muscles in your body to react faster and enables you to run at a much faster speed. Athletes can start training with us as young as 10 years of age. Our process creates faster and more confident athletes on the playing field.

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